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Sublimation vs Vinyl

It starts with preference. Sublimation involves ink turning into gas and becoming one with the fabric it is heated upon. Vinyl uses an adhesive that is activated by heat that bonds itself on the top of the fabric. Both technically are washable yet, with time on fabric Sublimation fades and Vinyl cracks.

Regarding price Sublimation and Vinyl have different price points. Sublimation ink ranges from $19-$70 whereas vinyl (depending on length) can range from $5-$40 and more when purchased in bulk. Depending on the number of pictures printed sublimation ink can last for quite some time. Whereas layering vinyl SVG's need multiple colors of vinyl to be used. Typically, each vinyl color has to be bought separately which can start to add up.

Vinyl has different textures such as foil, shimmer, flock, solid, and sport. When it comes to glitter and shine, Sublimation doesn't stand a chance.

On the other hand, Sublimation is quick. It involves no weeding and is as simple as print and press and done.


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