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Sublimation without printer

The infamous question of sublimation. Can you sublimate without a sublimation printer? The answer is YES and No. A sublimation printer simply put is a printer that prints out the sublimation ink that turns into a gas. The key words are (SUBLIMATION INK). Typically, you can use any EcoTank printer that has not been used with the factory ink. Which means, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a specific printer unless you are seeking to do larger projects. My Top List page give the Top 5 printers for sublimation. Just remember it's about the ink.

You may have heard of converting a printer. This involves drying out your printer of it's original ink and replacing the ink with Sublimation ink. It can be done, yet you run the risk of malfunctioning your printer. Ideally you want to purchase an affordable EcoTank Printer and fill the cartridges with the sublimation ink versus the manufactured ink.


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